Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Are Your Backlinks Worth Pennies?

Years ago when I was learning SEO - I read all the books trying my best to improve my e-commerce website ranking.  We'll.....I wasted many hours and created enormous stress for myself.

I will admit when you're frustrated and thirsty for solutions - You will listen to anyone that claim to know the answer to all your troubles. Unfortunately you will find NO Shortage of people claiming to be the expert - come buy my product or e-book.

OK, Backlinks.

Low quality backlinks hurt the goal to get better rankings.  Most low quality backlinks have some automation or no human approval process.  You are better off not adding any backlinks. 

I am a proud parent of three wonderful young people and from that experience I understand some things you must learn on your own. I still believe you are wasting your time - I just accept you need to learn the hard way.

Conclusion: Find quality links and don't worry about how many backlinks your competitors have. It's a mistake to add a large amount of low quality backlinks.

I wish you the best!
Alvin Russell
SEO Rango